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Where To Look For Free Examples Of Persuasive Essays Online

Writing an essay is one of the most assigned tasks students complete during their academic careers. Even though the length and complexity of these assignments increases as they promote to higher grades but the basic format remains the same. Every essay starts with an introduction, followed by the body paragraphs for evidence and supporting points and ends at a conclusion paragraph. Students learn new types of these assignments in different grades. Most common types are persuasive or argumentative, descriptive, expository, narrative, comparison, cause and effect, research paper and analysis. These types have different requirements for the writing style, topic, approach, supporting evidence and the thesis statement.

A persuasive essay is the one where you need to develop your stance on for or against a certain topic. You cannot write a neutral topic for your paper like something, which is already and accepted fact or on which people have a consensus. You need to prove your point with logical reasoning and strong facts. You cannot merely convince someone to an idea if it is only your own experience or opinion. You need to use concrete examples, valid data and authenticated facts to convince people of your ideas. The conclusion of your paper is critical because this will decide if you succeeded in proving your point. You need to restate your thesis statement and show how you proved it right.

It might not be easy for you to compose a winning paper only by reading the above-mentioned definition and suggestions. You need to have a complete example of an essay in order to follow it for your paper. This example should follow the same style as required by your teacher and must be a persuasive paper. The closer this example is to your subject, easier it will be to follow it.

The question however, is that where you will find relevant and reliable examples for your paper. Below are few places where you will find good examples of an essay in persuasive style.

  • You can certainly find good examples of persuasive essays on the internet if you ready to pay for it. Professional writing agencies have high quality papers so you can contact them for one
  • Check the sites for help of students and find good examples for your academic assignments
  • Visit the library to find a relevant example in your required type and style