College Athletes: Effects On Education

The dumb-jock stereotype might have some fact in it. The most recent study on college sports outlined that majority of college athletes spend much time on sports compared to the time spend on learning. As a matter of fact, the much time spend on sports activities instead of academic work in most instances have negative effects on the students’ career.

Impacts of College Athletics on Students’ Career

Most of college athletes do not make it into professionals, and yet they wasted their learning time in sports activities. College athletes tend to concentrate more on the sports neglecting academic works. Surprisingly, year in, year out, colleges around the nations use a disproportional amounts of finance on varsity sporting activities while despising the learning process. Most scholars argue that colleges have shifted from academic emphasis to time wasting sporting activities. As a result, the students’ career ends up into waste. For some college students, academics programs have become subordinate to sporting activities.

Sporting is a very interesting activity that every college student would like to participate. Approximately, six percent of college students engage in sports activities. Nevertheless, only less than three percent of college athletes end up in becoming professional athletes. The fact that not all college athletes will develop to a professional athlete in future, student athletes ought to create proper optional plans in case they fail to have future in sports.

Importance of Academics over Sports

The first priority for college students ought to be learning. Education is the key to successful life. Students, who receive the opportunities and privileges to participate in sporting activities in colleges, might be at intellectual drawback after the academic period. Injuries, legal issues and budget cuts in most cases bring the career of the athlete to an end. Unfortunately, several talented athletes lose the opportunity to participate in professional athletics and scholarships due to failure to meet minimum academic requirements. There are various reasons why academic programs ought to be students’ first priority.

However, although most scholars prefer academics to sports, there are some who argue that sports play significant role in personal success. In fact, there are a number of reasons why most students are much interest in sports compared to academics. The main reason includes the enticing amount of money earned in professional sports.

Ultimately, the academic programs are the most significant experiences in the college. Although for some, sports may be the main focus, the academic aspect is very important. Academic success acts as a door to career opportunities as well as a fall back plan in case of lack of future in professional career in sports.