The Spread Of Western Classical Architecture

The progression of mankind is one of great architectural wonders. Some of the greatest wonders of the world start in Greece, Italy and Egypt, as they were some of world's astounding builders the world has ever seen. While these great historic buildings stand in countries that once stood so boldly before now stand as a remind to some of the best standing modern buildings of the twenty-first century.

While these ancient civilization gave us the use of arches, domes and massive columns used to support buildings, it wasn’t until the industrial age when mankind started using steel and cast-iron to make these architectural buildings higher, lighter and more creative than ever seen before. The spread of Rome's architecture wonders gave way to new found blueprints for some of the best built American building’s of the modern age.

Marcus Vitruvius Pollio or commonly known as just Vitruvius was writing many of his famous manuscripts when Rome’s famous aqueducts. In Vitruvius’s book known as ‘The Ten Books on Architecture’, he states that the qualities to go by when building is the buildings should be: solid, useful and beautiful. While little is known on about this man he is stated to be one of the first greatest architects in the world. His achievements surpassed anything built today. Most of ancient architect’s of Vitruvius time almost always kept a careful record of what was going on during their time. With this knowledge in hand today’s architects has built the world's greatest modern buildings.

By the twentieth century modern civilization had mastered the art of creating massive buildings once used by some of the best and well known architects in the ancient world. The spread of ‘Classical Architecture’ continues to rise as new countries leave the old world behind come into the Modern Age.

One of the best examples we have is the Coliseum built in Rome around 80 AD. This oval structure has given way to modern entertainment buildings. These structures built to stand the sands of time has done wonders to the way we build our modern buildings of today.

Architecture has changed the way we see ancient civilization today. Despite what advanced technology we have today, ancient civilization were able to go above and beyond than will ever be able to achieve. The spread of western architecture through time has made the modern age what it is today.