Free Advice On Writing An Essay About The Dangers Of Smoking

We have been taught ever since we were young that if someone wants to give you something for free, it probably isn’t worth much. This is not always the case. You just have to have enough common sense to know when it is a good deal and when it isn’t. Sometimes you can go through some questions in your head to see if the “free” deal is a good one. Other times you can listen to the advice of others to see what they have to say and make an assumption from that. In any case, here is some FREE advice on writing an essay about the dangers of smoking:

  • When people see an essay about the dangers of smoking they probably groan because there have been literally millions of essays written on this topic. Because of this you need to do something different in order to keep your reader from falling asleep after the first sentence. Use the first sentence to “shock” your reader and make him want to read the next sentence. Even though your reader may have heard what you want to say hundreds of times you can write it in such a way that they will want to keep reading.
  • Take a different approach in your essay. For instance, write about it from the viewpoint of a child who may have lost a parent because of smoking. Try to force your reader to see things from a different angle than he anticipated once he found out what the essay was about.
  • Input a lot of statistics. Numbers and percentages seem to impress people and they tend to believe the information much easier if there are numbers attached. Use enough statistics to drive your point home.
  • There are definite dangers of smoking that we are all aware of. Use as many descriptive words when you are talking about the dangers. Try to touch on all of the senses of the reader to get your point across. Don’t only talk about second hand smoke dangers to the health of children. Talk about the smell that stays on the clothes for hours so you can introduce the sense of smell. Maybe talk about the yellowing of teeth that occurs to bring out the sense of sight. Anything that can make your words seem more alive will drive your point home much better.

You want your reader to read your entire essay in order to have them understand what you are trying to say. You can do that by involving as many of the reader’s senses as you can to hold their interest. The better you are at writing your essay may cause your reader to stand up and take notice about the dangers of smoking in a way they never did before.