A Great Collection of College Persuasive Essay Topics

College persuasive essays are one of the few assignments that are enjoyable for the majority of students assigned them. One of the reasons is that it allows one the opportunity to write about something that is truly motivating and inspires a passionate viewpoint. The aim of the essay is to persuade others into agreement. Sometimes all it takes is to know one really good topic to write a really great essay. So here is a collection of some great topics to use or inspire you to write a great persuasive essay:

Should people be tried and punished for abandoning their pets? There are many rules and regulations against abandoning pets, however, are they strict enough? Should serving jail time be a consideration in some cases?

Should there be greater attempts at having more women in power? Equal opportunity laws exist to help women and minorities a fair chance to get certain jobs? However, some see these laws as reverse discrimination. Should these laws change?

Should Puerto Rico become the U.S.’s 51st state? Puerto Rico shares many of the benefits that are afforded to every state in the U.S. – the largest being the right to vote in the nation’s elections and federal legislature. Yet, it doesn’t have state status and doesn’t need to pay taxes. Is it time for a change?

Should racial slurs be made illegal? Racial slurs can be extremely hurtful and perpetuate racist beliefs among those that use and hear these words. Should they continue to be protected by the freedom of speech or should they be made illegal?

Is having too much money a bad thing? Some people say that money can solve a variety of problems in one’s life while others suggest that more money only brings more problems? What do you have to say about this subject?

Should at least one parent work at home? Is it a good idea for a parent to always be home and available for the good of the family? What about the cases where a second job is absolutely necessary and working from home would make the cost of living less affordable?

Should people have to grow their own vegetables? It’s believed that if more people grew their own food then food wouldn’t go to waste as much and farm foods can be used to help curb some levels global starvation. Should we go in this direction?

Should celebrities have more privacy rights than non-celebrities? Celebrities are under constant public scrutiny with seemingly every detail about their private lives under a microscope. Should they have more rights as celebrities or is this the price they pay for fame?