Decline Of African Americans In Baseball

People from all over the world have been baseball players through the years. Baseball is America’s favorite sport along with the enjoyment of apple pie and hot dogs. However, the amount of African Americans playing baseball has decreased since 1975.

In 1878, an African American, Bud Fowler was the first black to play major league baseball. It would be many years before a black baseball player would participate in the sport and become known worldwide. In 1945, Jackie Robinson signed a contract with the major league team the Montreal Royals. He had to actually sleep at a different hotel than the white players on his team when the team traveled. It was a rough time for civil rights and baseball. He had a long career with the Dodgers and set many records and break many color barriers in his time.

The amount of African American baseball players has declined since 1975. There were 16% in 1975. As of 2015, there are 9% blacks playing baseball. There are 68% African Americans playing in the National Football League. There are 78% playing in the NBA and then 5% playing hockey. Hispanics represent 26.9% of baseball players and Asians represent 1.9% of major league baseball players. The sport is very diverse.

There are fewer blacks playing baseball, but there is really no known reason for the decline. It is not due to racial discrimination or opportunity, it is just an unusual trend. Because baseball is such a favorite American sport, this percentage may fluctuate with time. Dave Dombrowski is in charge of the baseball diversity task force for the national league. Jerry Manuel also plays a major part in diversity for the national baseball association. They have three goals: to expand urban leagues, to market players more, and to update coaching and its principals. The group welcomes people from all races and countries to play the sport of baseball. They also are focusing on college baseball that currently has around 10% of an African American participation group. The colleges give about 15% of African Americans baseball scholarships.

During Black History Month, February, African Americans who have done well in sports, especially baseball will honor and celebrate these people who have crossed barriers, achieved great goals, and entertained people. Robinson’s integration has resulted in such modern days players who are African American such as Frank Thomas, Derek Jeter, and Lee Smith.