Useful Tips For Composing A Cause And Effect Essay Outline

What is a cause & effect paper?

This kind of essay is the one in which you try to establish a relationship between different variables and identifying the variables which are responsible for causing some phenomenon or event and the effects of that event or phenomenon.

The crux of such essays lies in the key variables and the relationship of cause and effect between them.

For example:

Why do organizations face high turnover in the absence of good management?

What is an essay outline?

Are you familiar with term “outline”? Because if you haven’t this section will acquaint you with the concept of outlines and essays and how these two connect.

An outline is like a skeleton to support your essay throughout the entire process. A general outline has three parts:

  1. Introduction
  2. Body
  3. Conclusion

How to make a cause and affect essay outline?

Before you start with the outline for your paper you need to establish the basic connection / relation between your variables or the involved components. Taking the example of the above mention example, the two variables we need to focus on are “turnover” and “good management”. What is the relationship between the two? How does good management affect employee turnover? Or is it vice versa? If you’ve established this connection, you can proceed with the outline as follows:

  1. Introduction
  2. You’ll separately define the two variables and introduce them. Your definitions need to be very precise and elaborative because you’ll be playing with these two variables for the next 1500 words or so. Give a brief account of the recent turnover problems faced by many of today’s organizations and how the management is trying to cater to this crisis. Why is it important to retain the employees?

  3. Literature Review
  4. This portion will involve your reference to the scholarly articles or researches of other analysts for organizations facing turnover and management issues.

  5. Analysis and Findings
  6. Whatever primary or secondary analysis you wish to conduct later for your essay, you need to outline it too. You could go step by step from the basis to more complex issues.

  7. Conclusions
  8. You’ll have to conclude your essay in a much managed way.

  9. Recommendations
  10. You may require recommending improvements or suggesting some remedies to the addressed issue.

  11. Limitations
  12. If you have any

  13. Appendices
  14. All your supplementary or supporting content must be attached along at the end in the appendix.

    It’s okay to add subheadings or use roman numerals while making the outline. The more the merrier.