Can I Find Some Instructions On How To Write My Essay

Every student grows up learning how to write essays in school. For some this process is a lot smoother than it is for others, but this should not deter any learner from either getting to another’s level or challenging oneself to stay well above their peers. In order to write an essay, students must do the following:

  • Form an Idea
  • Write Topics
  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion
  • Spelling and Grammar

Form an Idea

Anyone that wants to write an essay must sit down and think of what it is they want to discuss. Essays can be written on anything in the universe from cars, a first date, how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, the existence of God or what they did yesterday. A student should take 60 seconds to write down anything that pops into their head and at the end of that minute, pick one of the topics and write on it.

Write Subtopics

If the student decides to write about cars for their essay, the must formulate some sub-topics in order to lengthen the topic of their paper. These sub-topics can be specific models of cars, the type of transmission used or different NASCAR racers.


The introduction is what draws the reader into reading your essay, therefore the more convincing the beginning of your essay is, the more likely someone is to want to read it. The introduction should also discuss what will be covered in the body of the essay.


Next, an essay writer should discuss all of their sub-topics in the body of the paper. Every paragraph should only consist of three to four sentences, but be detailed enough to help the reader understand what you want them to take away from the reading.


The conclusion serves as a way for the student to wrap up their ideas in their writing. They should also use the conclusion to reemphasize their thesis that was stated in the introduction. Students should ensure that the conclusion is just as convincing as the introduction as it serves as a way for many readers to conduct their own research into the topic thanks to a newly sparked interest.

Spelling and Grammar

Thanks to technology, students should be able to check their spelling and grammar on the word processing software they use to write their essay. After they do this, they should read the essay out loud to themselves or a family member to make sure the essay makes sense.