Simple Tips For Composing A Solid Feminism Definition Essay

My first instinct here is to give you some tips on writing an essay in general. And we will definitely touch on that. But first, I feel that we should look at feminism in general. I know that may sound silly at first, but there are many misconceptions about this ideology. Before you write a definition essay on the topic, you should, obviously, know the definition! So, let’s talk about what feminism actually is…and what it’s not and then move on to some simple essay-writing tips.

  • What it isn’t: So many people that I meet have such a singular image of what a feminist is. I’m not going to directly quote any of them. But I will paint a general picture that portrays the general idea: She is a chunky, rather plain woman. Not quite middle aged, but not young either. Short hair and androgynous clothes. And – now, this is the defining bit – a pure, undying hatred for men. Men are keeping her down. Men have ruined her life. Men are what is wrong with society. This is not – and I really cannot overstate this – it is most certainly NOT FEMINISM. That attitude is just pure man-hating.
  • What it is: In a word: Equality. Honestly, just that one word says it all. That is all that feminism is about. Just equality. Do feminists want the same opportunities as men? Absolutely. Do feminists want comparable pay compared to men performing the same job? Yes, most definitely. Do feminists want the right to dress and act the way that they choose, even if it’s more often a behavior/style most often attributed to men? You bet. But that’s it. Just gender equality. Did you meet a woman who wants to break past the ‘glass ceiling’ and move higher up in the company she works for and earn the same as the men, holding no particular animosity toward men? Feminist. Did you meet a woman who insults men left and right, who is angry at them in general? Man-hater. Know the difference.
  • General essay advice. By this point, you probably know the basics, but here are some tips in their simplest form:
    • Do your research.
    • Make an outline and follow it.
    • Be organized in your writing; make sure it flows.
    • Every essay must include an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
    • Cite your sources. Always cite your sources. You may not mean to commit plagiarism, but you could commit it unintentionally through carelessness.

Once you understand the definition of feminism, you can compose a solid essay with these simple tips. All of that being said, put your heart into it. And good luck!