What Is The Difference Between A Persuasive And An Expository Essay?

Essays are one of the essential requirements any student can’t survive without. Getting the edge in writing can be difficult. Check this site to find out more about the writing styles, specifically persuasive and expository essay.

The Big Picture

Persuasive and expository essays are of two of the most common writing assignments. This is because we see them everywhere. You can see persuasive essays on online shops or brochures and posters at the mall. You can see expository essays in the newspaper or magazines. They are both the essentials in life after college which is why teachers demand students to gain the writing skills instilled in them.

The Big Similarities

One major problem a student may face is the fact he wouldn’t know the difference between these types. Who wouldn’t blame him? Both essays:

  • Aim to draw in a target audience
  • Inform the target audience on a specific concept
  • Give a new insight to the audience

The Big Differences

The good thing is the solution to spotting differences is simple.

Persuasive essays aim to encourage the audience to have the same point of view of the author. The author’s job is to inform the reader of the benefits of agreeing with him and make the audience believe in those benefits entirely. Some examples of persuasive essay goals are:

  • Believing a product is useable
  • Believing in a political stand
  • Believing in a proposal
  • Believing in a person nominated for leadership
  • Believing in a company or service is the best

Expository essays aim to inform the audience of a particular place, event, person or group, animal, plant, or concept. The author’s job is to advise the audience with the fundamentals of his topic and make the audience believe he has learned something new. Here are samples of the goals of expository essays:

  • Finding out about a new gadget or application
  • Finding out about a historical period
  • Finding out about recent progresses of a company
  • Finding out the background information of a candidate
  • Finding out about the best services or businesses in a community

Now that you know the background, similarities, and differences of these two essays you can easily nail them. You will be prepared to discuss the in class and have an edge when writing them. This guide will always be available for your further use as a sweet reminder to get your writing activities done.