4 Places To Get Good Argumentative Essay Examples

Writing a quality argumentative essay can come from a few different places. Sometimes the structure itself can be confusing and other times it is just not clear enough. Most of the time, structures are used as examples in many different places to ensure that the structure is followed. The argumentative structure is an argument based on an opinion, facts cannot be denied or argued, they are facts. These dissertations often have a lot of opinions and could be taken of course if the writer doesn’t pay attention. These are some places to find some essay samples.

  • Freelance websites
  • Portfolios
  • Web profiles
  • Writer blogs

Freelance Websites

Websites that offer a connection with people who are wanting either work to be done or to do some work often have people who are willing to give free samples in exchange for their work. These people will offer a sample of a document in exchange for an interest in their job and or the potential to be hired. Most of the time, the sample has been sent to a lot of different people and shouldn’t be copied or pasted, but they can be applied as an informative reflection.


Portfolios are on the freelancer’s website that have been uploaded to find a job. They offer these as a reference for people who are willing and capable to do the job posted. These samples are some of the highest rated work the freelancer can offer as they are selling themselves or showing what they can do. There are some argumentative essays that can be found in this way.

Web profiles

Web Profiles are website documents that deal with people’s information that have set up profiles in order to make themselves known to people on the website. Most of the time, they have uploaded samples and documents to the specific category there in so depending on the topic a sample can be found in exchange for a like or something.

Writer’s blogs

Writers love to share their work for traffic. They often paste traffic and work that can be taken as a sample from the website. These are often high-quality works as they are paid writers who know what they are doing.

Portfolios, web profiles, writer’s blogs and freelance websites all have something in common, and that’s a place to find argumentative essays that can offer information and a structure.