Directions on How to Get Free College Essays: Online Help

Finding free college essays that can be used as samples to help guide your writing is a lot easier than you would think. There are plenty of online resources where you can find top-notch academic essays written by former and current students who are experienced writers within a field of your choice. Here are some directions to some of the better available resources:

Academic Help Websites

The first stop should be at one of the many academic help sites that offer several free resources for download, including writing help guides, editing and proofreading services, and sample college essays. These academic sites are often maintained by volunteer educators who want to make the best resources accessible to students or non-students who wish to complement the knowledge they have attained. Sometimes all it takes to write a good college essay is to review the structure of one that has already been written. These websites are sure to have some really good samples for you to use.

Essay Repository Websites

Essay repository sites have large collections (usually hundreds of thousands) of essays across a large number of disciplines that you can download as examples of great academic writing. These essays are all available with permission and some will even include feedback and actual letter grades. Be sure, however, that you don’t attempt to submit a sample essay as your own, since a simple online search will reveal that your writing is similar to what is available to anyone around the world.

Test-Preparation Websites

A great resource that has just come to our attention is going to test-preparation websites to download sample essays. These sites are great because you get short and concise essays that are generally thought to be ideal examples of writing worthy of earning high scores on standardized tests. You’ll also find similar samples in test preparation books which are often also available from these sites.

Writing Forums and Chatrooms

This last option is great for students who generally like to turn towards the online community for solutions. Simply visiting a writing forum or chatroom can benefit your writing by taking part in discussions about writing. Furthermore, you may find an experienced college or graduate-level student who has a vast experience in writing different types of essays. Request a sample of his or her work and follow up with any questions you have about following the proper formatting and structure.