Jacqueline Kennedy

For those people who love history, Jacqueline Kennedy is a name that they cannot stay a day without thinking about. She was the wife to John F Kennedy. Life history of Jackie as she liked to be called will show you the lady of character that she was. She was born in 1929 to a stock broker father. A decade in to her life left her without a permanent home after her parents had a separation. She used to move from the fathers to the mothers house. This did not deter fro going to school and obtaining a degree from the University of George Washington.

Being the First Lady

As I said before, Jackie was a woman of a character and we see this when she and three other girls go out and date the young senators and she happened to date John. She later on marries John F in 1953. We see how ambitious she was when she supported John’s bid for nomination for candidature of US president. Jackie was her strongest supporter and John won the nomination. Jackie was a darling to many Americans and when John was the president, she was adored by many due to her fashion style and dressing. Her strong character is seen more during her husband’s presidency when even after knowing about his affair with actress Monroe Marilyn; she gives full support to him. They had two children and Jackie remained as beautiful and young as ever. John was later assassinated and this devastated her a lot. When later her brother in law was ganged down, Jackie took off to get married to Aristotle Onassis a Greek tycoon. The US did not like her action and many felt that it was a betrayal to John.

Death of Jackie Kennedy Onassis

After Jackie was married to Aristotle, all those Americans who admired her now hated her. They felt that it was not the right thing for a former first lady to do. Misery was meant to be part of her life since after some time she was separated with Onassis. He died in 1973 out of heart complications that were accelerated by the grief of losing his son. Since Jacqueline Kennedy was not a Greek, she could not inherit anything belonging to Onassis and only Onassis daughter who gave her $26 million. Jackie went back to the USA. In the year 1994 Jackie succumbed to cancer.