How To Come Up With Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics

Writing an argumentative essay is quite an interesting task. You need to create an effective paper by using strong logics and good facts to support your stance and convince your readers to your ideas. The argumentative essay is a bold as compared to an ordinary piece of writing. You need to come up with a strong essay to win over your readers. The best way to create an argumentative essay is to start with a great topic. If you need to come up with a great essay topic, then you will have to pay attention and spend some time with the topic. Do not instantly fall for the very first idea that comes to your mind. If all students in your class are going to write an argumentative essay, there are high chances of your being similar to someone else. To avoid repetition you should discard the first few ideas that come to your mind and think about more. Different students have different strategies to think of fresh ideas; this article will guide you on how to choose unique and interesting topics for your paper.

Example topics for argumentative paper

  1. Drug use is okay as long as it does not convert to drug abuse
  2. Capitalism is a better ideology than feudalism
  3. Life is short we need to live it to the fullest
  4. Smoking is not as harmful as addictive foods introduced to children of very young age
  5. North Star is used to find out direction since early times
  6. Ancient Egypt civilization had sense of economics
  7. Math is the mother of all sciences
  8. Healthy food affects academic performance of your children
  9. Pop is a prominent culture in United States as well as the Europe
  10. John F Kennedy was a successful president in making firm decisions

These are only sample argumentative essay topics to help you understand the format and structure you need to use for your topic. If you want to create a strong topic then you need to move gradually.

The first thing you need to do is understand your subject. After you develop a clear understanding of your subject, you need to break it down into further divisions. Pick a category that you are interested in writing. Brainstorm for fresh ideas while sitting at a calm place. Rephrase your topic to make it look catchier.