Global Warming

Global warming is one of the emerging issues concerning the environment and the environmental changes. It is a great concern that it has called for global measures. It is happening too fast. Global warming is the increase of carbon dioxide in the environment. This has led to the creation of a blanket in the atmosphere. When the sun rays warm the earth, the heat is retained as it cannot escape to the atmosphere because of the gases blanket. This has led to a gradual but steady increase in temperatures with time. The primary cause of global warming is the human activities. This is significantly contributed by the growing population. This leads to a lot of human activities aimed at making life easy and enjoyable. They, however, end up having an adverse impact on the environment. The increasing population needs a place to settle. They clear forests for settlement and to get space to build industries. Forests play a significant role in the purification of the air. Trees use the carbon dioxide that is a primary cause of global warming. The industries that are coming up add the amount gases emitted to the atmosphere every day. People also burn fossil fuels for energy. The fossil fuels emit a lot of carbon dioxide. Other activities include agriculture and waste management activities. They lead to the emission of gases like methane and nitrous oxide.

The Effect of Global Warming

Global warming leads to increase in temperatures. The past ten years have been the hottest years since 1988 when the issue of pollution affecting the environment first emerged. Temperatures have been rising gradually. An increase of about 0.7 degrees in temperature has been reported in the past ten years. This has led to increasing in hot days. The nights are no longer cool as they used to be either. This increase in temperature has resulted in a change in ice and snow patterns. This has significantly affected some outdoor games like skiing and ice skating. Ice glaciers melt and cause an increase in sea level. Water in the seas is warmer than in the past. Sea animals can no longer have their normal behavior.

Global Actions

There is a need for strict prohibitive measures to be taken so as to save mother earth. Global treaties have been signed concerning this. The most common is the carbon dioxide percentage. This requires countries to pay for the amount of carbon dioxide that they emit annually. It is aimed at discouraging emission of carbon dioxide.

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