Creating A Conclusion For An Essay About Technology Nowadays

A conclusion is a very important part of an essay because it helps the author to summarize their points and clearly convey their main message. If you’re instructed to write a paper about modern technology and don’t know how to end it properly, you should read this article and follow the tips below.

Tips for Writing an Essay Conclusion

  1. Start with a transition.
  2. You should begin a paragraph with a sentence that will make the reader understand that the end of your paper is at hand. However, avoid using phrases like “In conclusion” or “In summary” because they’re too clichéd.

  3. Summarize your main arguments or points.
  4. To remind your reader about everything that they’ve just read, take your topic sentences from the body paragraphs and restate them in your conclusion. However, you should rewrite these sentences and not just copy and paste them.

  5. Keep your conclusion short.
  6. Your conclusion for a standard essay shouldn’t consist of more than seven or eight sentences. Don’t try to start a new discussion in the last paragraph. However, composing a very short conclusion is also bad because you aren’t likely to summarize all your points in a couple of sentences.

  7. Make a reference to your thesis.
  8. Along with topic sentences, you may also rewrite and restate your thesis presented in the introduction to remind the reader about the main idea of your paper.

  9. Don’t sound weak.
  10. Your conclusion should be strong and definite. Convey your message as if you truly believe in it and don’t apologize for your views. Otherwise, any arguments given in the body of your paper won’t sound persuasive even if supported by good evidence.

  11. Call the reader to action.
  12. The last sentence of your conclusion should stimulate the reader to do something or, at least, think about what they’ve just read.

Things to Avoid in an Essay Conclusion

  1. Don’t use quotes.
  2. Make references to other sources in the body paragraphs. A conclusion is a section where you should summarize your arguments and express your thoughts.

  3. Don’t use intricate language.
  4. Use simple words to convey your message and summarize your points. Little-known terms and difficult sentence structures will only confuse the reader.

  5. Don’t introduce new material.
  6. Avoid raising new questions or ideas in the conclusion. This will take the focus off your main idea and confuse the reader.

If you follow these tips, you’ll be able to structure and compose a strong conclusion for your paper without any problems.