How To Write A Good Introduction For An Essay: 5 Recommendations

When you want to write a successful essay, there are many important aspects you need to keep in mind. The main subject and the ideas that you will analyze are crucial, but there are other details that will count for your grade. The punctuation, the grammar, the language that you use and the structure of the essay, all these will be carefully analyzed by your professor. The introduction is the first thing that he will read, so we prepared some recommendations on how to write the appropriate opening of your paper:

  1. Decide what information you want to put in the beginning. Keep in mind that in the first lines of the text you need to have only vague information, related to the text but never exact data. Leave this for the rest of your paper. Something vague, but exciting, is enough for the first paragraph.
  2. Present the topic that you will be writing about. The reader needs to know, from the very beginning, what your paper is all about. A summary description of the topic and some details about what kind of essay it is should be enough information.
  3. Make it engaging. Especially because it is the first part of your article, you need to make it appealing and catchy. After seeing the introduction, the reader must be eager to read the rest of the paper. It is preferred to keep some mystery when it comes to the topic. Even if you mention what you wrote about, make sure to leave some place for curiosity.
  4. Keep it short. 7-8 lines or one paragraph is more than enough for an introduction. There is no role for the length of it, but more than this will make it less as an opening and more like the text itself. You have time to analyze the topic later; now you just have to give an idea about your content.
  5. Proofread it. Many pupils make the mistake of not checking well the introduction and the conclusion. However, the grammar of the first lines is as important, if not more important than the rest of your text. It is the first thing that your teacher will read, and if he will find a few mistakes from the very beginning, chances are he will be more severe when he will correct the rest of the paper. Therefore, it is highly advisable to use the help of the article writing services.