5 Helpful Suggestions On How To Write A Literary Essay On Animal Farm

George Orwell is one of the most famous authors of all time, and has written some books that have gone down in history as classic pieces of literature. One of these books was Animal Farm, and is seen as a hugely insightful piece of work. In fact, so important is the book that it is often studied by students all around the world and, therefore, it will often form the basis of a literary essay. If you need to write a literary essay based on Animal Farm then you may benefit from the five helpful suggestions outlined below.

  1. Describe the characters in Animal Farm
  2. There are many different characters in Animal Farm. In fact, they are integral to the book, and display different aspects of humanity. Therefore, it can be useful to describe the characters from the book as part of your paper.

  3. Compare the book with any other work written by George Orwell
  4. As mentioned, Animal Farm is not the only critically acclaimed book written by George Orwell. Therefore, you may wish to compare Animal Farm with any of his other work, so as to get a better understanding of his writing style.

  5. Compare and contrast any similarities and differences with present day real life
  6. Animal Farm often discussed in relation to its likeness to real-life in the present day; in fact, some people suggest that it is almost a case of life imitating art. As a result, it is a fantastic book to use in order to compare and contrast any similarities and differences that may exist within the book and present day life.

  7. Analyse various themes used throughout the book
  8. As with most great novels, there are plenty of themes that are used throughout the book. Therefore, these themes make an excellent topic for you to analyse and discuss within your own paper.

  9. Analyse the language and writing structure and how effective it is
  10. A literary essay aims to identify various aspects of the literature that you are discussing, and may invite you to provide your own opinions about the work that was produced. Therefore, it can be a good idea to analyse the language and writing structure, providing details of how effective you think it is, and where things have worked or not worked so well, based on your opinions.