How To Write An Essay: 5 Strong Thesis Statement Examples

The thesis statement of your essay is one of the most important elements of your entire project. This is because the beginning tells the reader what your paper is about, what you are focusing on in your work, and answers that question that your paper is modelled around. That is a lot to do in just one sentence and if you don’t do it right the first time, then the rest of your writing might fall apart.

That is why you should practice writing them about stories you already know, this will help you perfect writing one. One of the best ways to help yourself write one is to look at examples. Examples of good ones can be found online and there are some great places that have them. Here is a list of five ones you should check out to help you write your own.

5 Strong Thesis Statement Examples

  • If your project is an argumentative essay then you should take a look at Kibin’s article on writing. Here you will be given all of the instructions on how to write one as well as ten examples of argumentative essay thesis statements.
  • Roane State College’s English department website has a great post on how to write a good paper. On the page you will learn how to write one the right way. They also go though the steps of how to write one. They have examples of the right and wrong way to do it as well, which will help you write your own.
  • Indian River State College is another great site that has good information about how to craft your topic sentence. Here they give you all of the ways you can narrow your topic to writing the actual paper. They also have some great examples that you can use and they let you see how to write one.
  • About Dot COM is one of the best sites online to help students with various kinds of writing. They have an entire section on their site under Grammar & Composition. And there are also many links in the article to give you extra information on the subject. Along with explanations, they also have examples of different types of thesis statements and how to write them.
  • Ashford University actually has a generator that you can use on their website. This will help you write yours and they also have examples at the bottom of the screen to help you see how they do it.