Classical Mythology: Comparing and Contrasting Hercules

Hercules is one of most intriguing Greek Gods with major powers and weaknesses at the same time. Hercules is the son of Zeus who was the King of the Greek Gods. Hercules was born to a mortal woman who was one of Zeus’ human female lovers. Zeus was very well known among the Greek Gods and Greek mortals to have affairs with Greek women. Hercules could be fearing and loving at the same time. Hercules had the combined power of a God and mortal at the same time. Hercules was one of the strongest mortals of his time and he had more strength than many of the Greek Gods. Hercules is a very complex and interesting character that has been studied and discussed throughout Greek history and mythology.

Hercules is one of those Greek characters that has been studied, examined, and wrote about time and time again. Hercules is the only mortal child of Zeus that was transformed into a Greek God after his death. Hercules was the youngest son of Zeus. Hercules may have been a very strong man and had great strength, but he was not brightest bulb on the planet. In other words, Hercules was not very smart or intelligent. Hercules was very headstrong and did what he wanted to. One time, it was very hot outside and he was upset that it was extremely hot, Hercules decided to try to knock out the sun with his arrow and bow. Hercules greatest asset was that he would do good deeds for others whenever he was angry and acting out. Hercules had a great appetite for partying, women, and liquor. When going overboard with any of these three pleasures is when Hercules did his greatest deeds.

In movies and stage plays, Hercules was always characterized as a fool and stupid muscle bound human being. Hercules was a very caring and loyal man when it came to watching out for family and friends. Hercules would do anything for a loved one, and he would give his own life for anyone. Hercules may have been quick tempered, but he was loyal to family and friends to a fault. Hercules at times would get himself in serious predicaments because he was trying to get a friend or family member out of trouble. Hercules is a very complex individual with many complicated layers to him. You cannot pile the character of Hercules into one category because he was loyal to a fault, hot-headed, hard headed, and wanted things his way.