How To Write An Essay Successfully Helpful Tutorial For College Students

In your entire education, you will have to write different types of essays, on different themes and following different templates. However, there are some general rules that you can apply to each one of them. Even when your teacher gives you special requirements, you still need to pay attention to the common things of any essay: the suitable structure, an interesting topic and an impecabe grammar.

  • Choose your topic. Before anything else, you need to know the topic of your essay. According to this you will decide the suitable structure and the language that you need to use. In general, it’s better to write about topics that are easy to explore and that have plenty of information available. Many subjects are interesting but it will be very difficult to analyze them if you can’t find too much data.
  • Decide what kind of paper you want to write. It will be an interview, description, argumentation? This will matter when you will build the structure and the outline; besides, there are different kind of information that you need to search for each type.
  • Build an outline. This will be the base of your essay. Do not start writing until you don’t have the main points written down and arranged in a logic and chronologic order. You need to put your ideas in the same order that you will use in the essay. In this way you will make sure that you are not missing any important point.
  • Write. In the beginning, do not think about grammar or punctuation. Simply write the ideas in rough form and you will correct them after you made the first draft. This is meant to help you write the information that you know in a natural, cursive way.
  • Proofread it. After you created the first draft, you need to make sure you correct all grammar mistakes and punctuation errors that you made during writing. This is a very important part of the process, because bad grammar will never bring you high marks.
  • Ask for feedback. When you think you are getting close to finish your paper, ask for feedback from your teacher. You will know what details you need to change and if your text needs more editing. Also, make sure to ask what other information might be necessary for a deep understanding of your subject. After you make the final editing, you can submit the paper without being worried that it’s not satisfacatory.