New Breed Of Women

While the seventies saw the dawning of career women, as time progressed we saw more and more women entering the workplace while still maintaining their responsibilities of motherhood. But a new breed of women is now entering our society. It is the type of woman that is not only able to maintain her status as housewife and mother, but is also able to bring in an income doing something she enjoys.

Having a career and being a mother

How is this possible? How can a mother of several children still manage to bring in an income and contribute to the finances of the home? In one word, blogging. Blogging took the world by storm about fifteen years ago and has since evolved into many different categories. One such category is home blogging which can be divided into many subcategories such as mommy blogging, food blogging, blogs about home schooling, and even fitness blogging. Starting a blog is an excellent way of creating a passive income and thereby contributing to home finances.

How the internet has changed the world

Besides the fact that women can start their own blogs from home and make a decent living out of it, there’s also the aspect of freelancing. Women who choose to stay at home in order to raise their children are also able to fit an online freelancing career into that schedule. Gone are the days where Mommy had to dress up and leave the kids with a nanny. This new breed of women now stays at home and manages to work at the same time.

Mothers that are teachers

Another aspect to these mothers is that they often become home school teachers. This adds a whole new dimension to the life of today’s woman. She is three dimensional in being able to care for her children as a housewife, work and bring in an income, and conduct homeschooling sessions for her children too.

All of this has resulted in a breed of women who have it all: a fulfilling career, a happy family, and children that are being raised according to their own unique values. This seems to have added a new balance to the seemingly chaotic life of career women who feel guilty about leaving their children to be raised by others. Will this be the final social evolution in the life of women, or will things improve even more going forward?