E-commerce is better known as electronic commerce or ecommerce. E-commerce is the trading or selling of services and products on the internet. Due to the creation of the “worldwide web” in the 20th Century, it has become very easy for individuals to connect with others across the globe. Since the creation of the technology needed to do ecommerce efficiently, many businesses have been created due to this new business concept and business technique. With the internet, it is very easy for a business in Boise, ID to conduct transactions with a company in New Delhi, India. Also, many businesses have been able to move their operations to foreign countries due to this new method of doing business.

In the 21st Century, many businesses do not even conduct their transactions face to face anymore with each other. With such social media tools like, skype or google alert, anyone can conduct a business meeting with others from across the globe. This can be done 24/7 which means business meetings can be conducted 1:00 am in Maryland while it is 1:00 pm in China. The advancements in technology have made it very convenient and simple for people to run their companies. With E-commerce a one man shop in Iowa, can sell products to a major chain store in New York. It is no longer necessary to be a major and big company to be a success. A one man shop can be just as successful as a major store due to the advancements in internet and computer technology.

It is nice to see small villages in Africa or India being able to sell their products to individuals throughout the United States due to electronic commerce advancements in business. This method of ecommerce has made it very easy for anyone to start and grow their own business without needing a lot of upfront money. Electronic commerce does not cost much to operate as a small business because of the many free or reasonable priced apps out there for small businesses to be able to provide their products or services to their customers. It has become very easy and sensible for companies to conduct business on the internet in a feasible, economical, and sensible way.

It is hard to imagine how far businesses will be able to go due to E-commerce. The internet is making the world seem smaller and smaller as each decade goes by. But, this form of business will never replace the personal connection that comes with conducting transactions with each other face to face.