Julius Caesar

Born Gaius Julius Caesar in July 100 BC, he became a Roman General, states and also a well recognized author of a Latin Prose. He played a critical role in the development of the Roman Empire after the demolition of the Roman Republic. Julius Caesar came from an extended family which included some dominance and leadership positions. His father was the governor of the province of Asia and his mother also came from a prominent and influential family of the time. As much as they were not fully politically inclined, they were still a major element of focus during that period of reign and existence. Having to deal with a heavy state of responsibility at a young and tender age (as a result of his family dying when he was 16 years old), he grew up with a state of mind of developing power and dominion over time. After the death of his father, he became the head of his household.

During that time of his uncle reigning over cities in that province, Caesar was nominated to become the new priest of Jupiter which soon after got married to another ruler's daughter, Cornelia. But things didn't take a turn for the best because after the death of his father, his uncle and a rival turn things to a blooded mess with constant war for full leadership. It so happened that after he was appointed, his family's rival took a victory stance which caused problems for him because he was stripped of his position and everything taken from him. His wife however being the daughter of his rival and his denial to lose his wife, he went away to hide where he felt it would be safer to live. After being away from his home town for a period of time, he decided to join the army of the province he was now in which saw him gaining much distinction because of his act of bravery and commitment to gaining victory. His time in the army gained him much success because he was able to conquer and regain power after he had lost all that he once owned. He made many changes to the laws of the land and others as well as to the most obviously known among us, the calendar we now use which saw Caesar making changes and totaling the amount to 365 days as we now see.

Seemingly through jealousy or hatred, Julius Caesar was stabbed to death by Gaius Cassius Longinus and Marcus Junius Brutus who had plotted to kill him and in order to gain power. Caesar was killed in a defenseless manner on March 15 44 BC in his own hometown after returning. Rome, Italy.