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Choosing Brilliant Descriptive Narrative Essay Topics

An essay topic is not just a collection of words. It is a statement that sends a signal about what is covered in your paper. It determines the reception your paper gets among readers. It should make everyone curious and interested in going through all the paragraphs. What will make your topic brilliant?

  • Relevance- it must appeal to readers by seeking to solve an academic or social problem. It must also be based on your discipline of study. Relevance also means that it is handling issues that have not been overtaken by time.
  • Fresh- readers will only be captivated reading a paper on a fresh idea. This requires you to search for topics that address the latest development in your discipline or subject. Avoid what other writers have handled time and again.
  • Unique- a lot of students have written descriptive narrative essays. Yours has to stand out among the thousands that exist. The topic should be unique in order to capture the attention of anyone who comes into contact with it.
  • Specific- by looking at the topic, a reader should tell clearly what to expect in the body. A specific topic allows you to exhaust the subject without running out of words. It should not be too wide that it does not fit into the recommended length.

Here are brilliant ideas for your narrative essay.

  1. The first wedding I attended
  2. The first day I made my own money
  3. My most disastrous date
  4. The day I met my mentor
  5. A trip that changed my life
  6. A day that was totally embarrassing
  7. When I first visited an animal orphanage
  8. The one day I was totally misunderstood
  9. When appearance proved deceptive
  10. A brush with an icon
  11. The day when everything that could go wrong went wrong
  12. When we survived by a whisker
  13. One eyewitness account that I will never forget
  14. The one experience that made me a different person
  15. The day I learnt to value friendship.

It is not enough to choose a good essay topic for your paper. You will be required to study about the subject in order to provide facts. A vivid description does not have to be exclusively from the things you experienced. Check out what other writers are doing. Check their style of description and learn what would work in your case. Consider using a sample to get the narration right.