Where to Look for Proofread Essay Examples: A Quick Guide

To master essay writing, you need accurate and well-written essay examples. Here are a few places you can obtain them from.

  • School writing center.
  • If your school or college has a writing center, begin your search there. Ask for any essay writing manuals or books they have. These books contain excellent samples and have been carefully proofread. Next, check for individual essay examples of the kind you need (analytical, compare-and-contrast, or persuasive). Many writing centers store the best examples to be used by students. The on-site staff should be able to help you navigate your way towards the relevant samples.

  • Your instructor’s archive.
  • Many students are unwilling to turn to their instructors for help, but in fact, this is your most reliable option (along with a school writing center) of getting proofread examples. Ask to have a look at essays previously submitted to him or her by students, so that you can understand the main dos and don’ts. The chief reason that instructors keep these papers on file is to help their current students learn from relevant examples. Therefore, your request will probably be met. Pay attention to any comments your instructor has made on the pages of these essays – it will help you understand what he or she would expect of you.

  • Essay collections.
  • If you need to write a college admission essay, you may benefit from a collection of the best essays gathered under a single book cover. Collections of 10, 20, or 50 winning admission essays are released every year by various publishing houses. Check whether your local or school library has such books. If not, consider buying one to get scores of excellent proofread essay samples at once. Note that digital editions are usually cheaper, especially if you already have a Kindle or another popular reading device.

  • Credible websites.
  • One of the easiest ways to discover lots of sample essays is to look online. Do not reject this way just because some examples might be plagiarized or of poor quality. Use your common sense to identify the credible resources. The websites of schools, colleges, and universities have the highest credibility. The writing guides and examples found there are developed by educational professionals with the intent of helping students, so they are accurate and understandable. Other sources of good essay samples include writing labs, reputable essay writing services, and popular online communities such as WikiHow. Most examples uploaded there come together with explanations and writing tips, which makes them even more useful.